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I’m a smoothie kind of girl. No, not with my pickup lines… with my breakfasts. This is mostly a side effect of also being a sleep-in kind of girl. I rarely wake up early enough to have sufficient time to prepare a good breakfast. And, since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I try not to skip it.

The solution that allows me to both sleep in and have a nutritious breakfast: smoothies.Nature's Way Alive Soy Protein Shake

Throw some stuff in the blender, cover my ears for a few seconds, and voila. Morning goodness.

I’ve been making smoothies for years. It’s the one healthy thing I’ve managed to continue doing for myself, even when other habits haven’t been so healthy.

Today’s smoothie is based on the Nature’s Way Alive! Soy Protein shake mix, vanilla flavor. I got this mix at Whole Foods Market for around $18. It contains non-GMO soy and is more than just a soy protein shake, but a whole foods shake, including nutrients from 24 different fruits and vegetables.

I like this mix. I’m not sure its flavor is exactly vanilla – it almost has a fruity tang to it – but it tastes good. It doesn’t taste “green,” even though its coloring is such (a big surprise to me the first time I mixed it!)

The Alive! shake mix blends easily – no clumps – though I do use a blender instead of a spoon to mix it up.

My basic smoothie recipe is to mix 8 oz. of organic soy milk (usually vanilla flavored) with a scoop of whatever mix I’m using that day. Then, I throw in some fresh or frozen fruit. If I’m using fresh fruit, I also throw in 2 or 3 ice cubes – otherwise, the shake comes out too thick. Mix in the blender for 30 seconds or so, and enjoy!

Alive smoothie cupToday, I used frozen pineapple. I typically throw in 3-5 chunks of whatever frozen fruit I’m using (pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, mixed fruit, etc).

Smoothies are a great way to start the day, and help to get me out the door quickly!

I’m hoping to add a Vita-Mix machine to my kitchen arsenal with this year’s income tax refund. My plan is to start incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into my smoothies. My current blender (the classic beehive Osterizer) is powerful, but can’t fully liquify leafy greens and some of the tougher vegetables like carrots.

Until then, it’s mix-based smoothies for me!

3 thoughts on “Morning Smoothie

  1. If you’re really interested about finding out about what you’re eating, allow me to recommend the Weston A. Price Foundation and their various publications.

    Soy, for example:

    Also dig around and check on the differences between Fermented Soy vs. What the Industrial Food Complex markets to people as “healthy”.

    Best of luck on your quest. Welcome to one of the rabbit holes.

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