An Oatmeal Newbie

I’m an oatmeal newbie. I’m a newbie to a lot of things I’ll try on this blog for your amusement, but oatmeal is something I’ve always felt like I should like, but didn’t. I’ve tried many varieties of instant oatmeal in the past: plain, flavored, fruity, nutty… you name it.

Then I came across a blog called Kath Eats Real Food, and upon reading her Tribute to Oatmeal and viewing her how-to video on making what she calls “the world’s greatest breakfast,” I decided to give oatmeal another day in court.

The verdict:

It’s pretty darn good! I’ll definitely be trying some of the variations Kath has posted.

Classic Oatmeal

[recipe-show recipe=classic-oatmeal]

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