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I just received my first grocery delivery from Peapod, a grocery delivery service serving parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, and the Chicagoland area (including parts of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana).

My mom used Peapod back in the mid-1990’s, when they operated out of our local Jewel grocery stores in the Chicago suburbs. I remember installing their software off of floppy disks onto the computer, and listening to the dial-up modem groan and wheeze as it connected to the internet. My, how far we’ve come!

In my quest to find organic products at grocery stores that are at least somewhat convenient to me, I stumbled upon Peapod. Why, yes! Peapod! I was shocked, quite honestly, at their selection of organics. I could order everything from organic meats to produce to prepared foods, all for home delivery.

So, I tried them out. I spent a week or so filling up my Peapod shopping cart. You can save your grocery list and come back later, and I did that quite a few times. When you’re ready to check out, you input your payment information and select a delivery time slot. Longer time slots offer a $1.00 discount on your order, and paying with your checking account offers another $1.00 off. With reasonable delivery fees ($6.95 for orders over $100), these two discounts make the delivery cost less than the equivalent cost of gas for me to drive to one of the local (within 20 miles) organic-carrying grocers. (Maybe if I drove a hybrid vehicle, this logic would be moot – but even at 20-23mpg, my Jeep is a bit of a gas guzzler).

You can edit your shopping cart up until the evening before your delivery – which is dangerous, if you’re me, because you’ll find yourself thinking of oddball things to add right up till the last minute. After the cutoff time, you can opt to receive an email or text message with the final delivery time window (if you selected one of the longer time frames when you placed your order).

Finally, the cutoff time arrived, and my wallet breathed a sigh of relief. My order would be delivered today, Wednesday, between 9am and 11am. At 8:57am this morning, the big white Peapod truck pulled up in front of my house, and at 9:01am, my doorbell rang. It was the friendly Peapod Guy! He had a hand truck stacked with Peapod boxes, and in those boxes were bags of food, glorious food. Some boxes had insulated coolers inside.

Mr. Peapod propped the door open and brought all of my goodies into the kitchen. He offered an invoice for me to sign, and I tipped him $5. The Peapod web site makes it very clear that tipping is optional, but hey – it’s Chicago and it’s freezing cold outside, and I did order a heck of a lot of food. And, the guy was smiling – at 9am. That to me is a miracle in and of itself (as I was still half unconscious, having sleepwalked out of bed at 8:51am when the alarm went off for this little adventure).

The whole process took about 10 minutes. That sure beats spending an hour and a half or more in the grocery store!

All in all, I’m happy as can be. Peapod delivered everything on my list. No items were damaged, and the produce looks freshly picked. Frozen items were frozen solid, and fresh items were fresh. All groceries were bagged “properly,” which seems to be a lost art in the modern grocery store. (You know… colds with colds, non-foods with non-foods, etc).

With the various discounts, I feel that 5 bucks for delivery and 5 bucks for a tip is a phenomenal deal for the convenience of not having to leave home to shop for my organics. (And of course, the tip is my choice – I could have had all of this for just $5!) Future orders will be even quicker, because I can shop from my previous list instead of searching all over again for each item, and I can create custom lists and save them on Peapod’s web site.

This Peapod grocery delivery service is a steal! I feel like I just got away with something! I highly recommend it.

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  2. Installing software? I used them in Chicago in the mid-90s. I can assure you there was no software to install. It was all web-based.

  3. Hi TJ – There was an option to use software if you wanted to manage your shopping lists offline. Then, you’d log in, upload your lists, and complete the transaction. 🙂

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