My First Green Smoothie

If you’ve ever shared a meal with me, you know that I tend to shun most vegetables. Some I avoid due to what I call my “texture issues” – I love tomato products, but can’t stand how tomatoes feel in my mouth, for example. (Wait… is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Botanically, it’s a fruit, but for culinary purposes, it’s a vegetable – so I’m going with vegetable!) I’m working on these “issues,” and quite honestly, food therapy seems to me one of the better forms of therapy out there!

With my 2010 resolution to try 10 new foods, an unspoken subtitle to that quest is to eat more vegetables. To help my cause, I’m seeking ways to sneak in vegetables where I won’t notice them. Enter: the Green smoothie.

I’m not new to the smoothie world; I described my typical morning smoothie earlier this year (though, personally, I do prefer to call them shakes). I am, however, completely new to putting vegetables in my blender. After reading many reports that it is in fact possible to add spinach to a smoothie and not be able to taste it, I thought that would make an excellent experiment for my “eat 10 new foods” resolution.

Green Vanilla Banana Smoothie in blenderThis Green smoothie isn’t much different from my typical morning smoothie, aside from the obvious addition of baby spinach. I added the flax seed meal and yogurt for some added health benefits (in the form of omega-3’s, antioxidants, and live cultures/probiotics). The blueberries were added mostly because that’s all I had left of them. (Blueberries also add a nice dose of Vitamin C – you can’t have enough weapons in your arsenal to fight off cold and flu season).

This smoothie tastes like vanilla and bananas. It looks green, but I certainly can’t tell that there’s spinach in it (and I’m a fairly picky customer!). It was delicious, and I’ll be adding baby spinach to my future smoothies!

Use this smoothie as a quick breakfast or a great post-workout nutritional shake.

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