Superman Breakfast

No new recipes today – alas, it’s back to work and I’m in for a long day. Before I go, though, I wanted to share what to me felt like a Superman breakfast (you know, the super hero?)

Continuing my love affair with oatmeal, I made up a batch of classic oatmeal (the cinnamon vanilla banana kind). Then, I tried a new food (#7 for the year, for those that are counting): Oikos, or Greek yogurt. I love yogurt, and Oikos is basically a richer, thicker yogurt with a higher protein content. I went with Stonyfield organic plain Oikos, and the ingredient list was lovely. One ingredient: organic nonfat milk. Ahhh, freedom from chemicals!

I needed a little bit of “sweet” in my yogurt, so I added a tablespoon of organic strawberry conserve (a whole-fruit version of a jam). The verdict: delicious – and packed with protein (15g in an 80-calorie cup!). Good eats!

With that, I was stuffed – and several hours later, I’m still going strong (though I am starting to think about lunch).

Have a great day! Here’s to a Superman breakfast!

Superman Breakfast - Oatmeal & Oikos(Note: it’s not really Sam’s water… I re-use my bottles and refill from the Pur water filter on my faucet).

4 thoughts on “Superman Breakfast

  1. Greek yogurt is good stuff.

    BTW, get yourself a BPA free water bottle instead of reusing those Sam’s bottles. Walgreens had a nice assortment of stainless steel bottles for $4 or $5 recently.

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