Bing Adds Advanced Recipe Search

Bing, the sorta-new search engine from Microsoft, has added a new feature – an advanced recipe search, which pulls recipes, photos, user ratings, and calorie/fat content information all together in one nice result page. The “recipe task page” then gives options for narrowing your search, such as by course, by occasion, by preparation type, etc.

I played around with it a bit, and it seems to only work when you type in a single ingredient into the search box. Type more than one ingredient and you end up with typical search results with no link to Bing’s recipe task page. After searching for one ingredient, scroll down to where you see “Recipes for xyz” and pictures listed below. Click the Recipes link and that brings you into the recipe task page. I can’t seem to find any way to go directly to the recipe task page (such as, for bookmarking as a recipe search tool!) However, once you’re there, it’s pretty nifty and I will probably use it again.

You can read a summary of the new feature and watch a short video on it via Lifehacker.

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