Organic is Easy

I waffled back and forth trying to decide if I should call this post, “Organic is Easy” or “So Much Good Food.” Both are so fitting!

When I climbed into this rabbit hole (thanks for the visual, Human Head!) of “going organic,” I expected to be up against quite a challenge. After all, I’ve gone low fat, I’ve gone low carb, I’ve gone vegetarian and back – and all were fairly huge shifts in how I shopped, how I ate, how things tasted, and – most importantly – how much I was forced to deprive myself of. I didn’t enjoy any of my other “ways of eating,” (mostly due to unpleasant taste and texture issues). I expected “going organic” to be pretty much like that.

It has been nothing like that! There has been a shift in how I shop (though shopping online from home and having groceries delivered feels like a luxury rather than a challenge). When I’m not shopping from Peapod, I do have to travel a little farther for my groceries to get to Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe’s, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m a commuter, driving 50+ miles round trip every day for work. A few extra minutes in the car doesn’t phase me.

Other than that, though, I feel more like a kid in a candy store than a woman shackled to deprivation. Real food tastes SO GOOD! The flavors are so much better than anything I yanked from the freezer, pre-packaged, and threw in the microwave in my former life. And, preparing real food takes much less time than I imagined (or feared) that it would. I’m a busy person. I work 2 jobs (one full time, one half time) and go to school as a half time student, as well as take on occasional web and photography gigs on the side. For years, I’ve made the excuse that I just don’t have time to cook. In reality, it takes no more than a half hour per day to plan and prepare good food to eat – often less, because I make larger batches of a recipe when I have the time, then freeze the leftovers to throw in my lunchbox for those work days when I’m gone sun-up to sun-down.

The message I’d like to yell from the mountaintops: Quit with the excuses and stop feeding your body crap! Food is fuel. I feel like I am now intercepting and diverting a myriad of health issues that were likely barreling toward me: diabetes, heart disease, cancers…. Do it NOW before it’s too late! Some of these conditions are not reversible. I decided not to be the person sitting in a doctor’s office getting a grim diagnosis, wishing I’d have just started taking care of myself a little sooner. Don’t be that person. If you live in the US, the government isn’t watching over your health (sadly); the burden of education is on you. Find out what’s in your food and where it comes from. When you do, you just might come to agree that most of what’s sitting on the supermarket shelves is not actually food at all.

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