My Happy Bubbly Sourdough Starter

I am excited to report that my sourdough starter has blossomed overnight into a happy, bubbly sourdough starter! I think putting it next to the heat vent really did the trick. (So what if I’m preparing sourdough starter in the bathroom, right?!)

Tonight, I poured off the “hooch” (thanks to Jenny and Maggie and Marcella for the words of wisdom!) and fed it again. By the time I’d rinsed off my spoon and gone back to put the lid on, my little starter batch was bubbling, right before my eyes!

I squealed with glee and held up the jar like a proud parent 🙂

I’m going to let the starter spend one more night next to the heat vent, then I’ll move forward and try to bake something with it! *happy dance*

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