Grilled Asparagus

Another Frankfort farmers’ market find this week was boatloads of fresh asparagus! I’ve been on a roasting kick with asparagus, but with the official kick-off of summer last weekend, I decided to get with the season and fire up the grill!

(Of course, that meant first I had to *clean* the grill…)

Grilled asparagus is so easy to make and so delicious that I have a feeling I’m going to be firing up the grill a lot more often this summer! Go figure – I will likely use my grill more as a vegetarian than I ever did as a meat eater. Oh, the irony!

First, marinate the asparagus in a ziplock bag full of yumm (I used garlic-infused olive oil, a dash of balsamic vinegar, some Garlic Gold garlic sea salt nuggets, and a pinch of pepper).

marinate asparagusThen, pop the asparagus on the grill. I’ve read suggestions including the use of a small wooden skewer to make it easier to handle the asparagus and prevent it from falling through the grill grates, but I didn’t have any trouble with mine (and I also didn’t have any skewers handy).

asparagus on the grillI threw a veggie burger on the grill as well. I found some great veggie burger recipes, but this is just your run of the mill out-of-a-box frozen variety. Sometimes, convenience beats nutrition.

grilling asparagusI let the asparagus cook a tiny bit too long, and some of the smaller pieces charred, but overall, it turned out wonderfully delicious!

grilled asparagusI will definitely be making asparagus on the grill again!

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