Mickey Mouse Breakfast

When I was a kid, my parents used to take my brother and I to a little restaurant down the street called Olympic Star. It was (and still is) your typical American diner. We didn’t eat out often, so it was a treat when we did.

The kids’ menu had one novelty item that on most days, I felt too grown-up to order. But sometimes… just sometimes… I’d succumb to its sweet, gooey calling:

The Mickey Mouse pancakes.

These were no ordinary pancakes, you see. First of all, the looked like Mickey Mouse. One big pancake made up his head, and two smaller pancakes were cooked right onto his head to make up the trademark ears. (In retrospect, how in the world did they flip that giant pancake without breaking off the ears?!) But that wasn’t all – these were chocolate chip pancakes.

Oh, the decadence of chocolate for breakfast! (Actually, back then, I doubt I knew what “decadent” meant – I just thought it was so naughty to eat chocolate for breakfast, and could not believe my parents would let this happen!) But they did, and every so often, I’d dig into that melty, chocolaty mess with reckless abandon.

I decided to whip up some vegan pancakes for breakfast this morning. While they were cooking, I tossed some frozen blueberries in there.

cooking pancakes

I topped them with a drizzle of 100% pure maple syrup (if you’ve never had real maple syrup, try it – you’ll never go back to that chemical laden fake stuff in the cute little bottle that talks to you) and a sliced up banana. Then, it hit me – the call of the Mickey Mouse pancakes.

What the heck. I’m a grown-up now – I am certainly entitled to a little bit of chocolate love with my breakfast! So I blobbed on a teaspoon of Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter too.

vegan pancakesFood is so undeniably woven into our lives and our memories. This breakfast was a wonderful trip down memory lane – and I didn’t have to beg my dad to buy me a candy bar from the glass case on my way out.

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