Fancy Oatmeal

It’s gonna be a hot one here in Chicago today. My boy Tom Skilling expects the heat index to reach 105 in my hometown south ‘burbs today, prompting heat advisories.

Then, why on earth would I slave over a stove to make hot oatmeal for breakfast?

It’s true; I haven’t had oatmeal since the chill of spring wore off. I’m not a fan of hot foods on hot days. But, it’s a chilly 68 degrees in my humble abode (the ComEd electric meter is zipping around, doing fly-by’s as my bill ticks upward), and I had an inkling that I was on to something with my morning inspiration.

As I pondered the oatmeal mix-in possibilities, my thoughts roamed to the pint of plump, red, juicy organic strawberries in my fridge. Then, it hit me: eat like the fancy people.

You’ve seen it – maybe even done it. You’ve seen people eating strawberries the fancy way, dipped in chocolate. What if I sliced up strawberries on top of my oatmeal, and served it with a blob of chocolate almond butter (Justin’s, of course)?

Fancy oatmeal was born, and I’m sure you might be imagining right now – it was the best bowl of oatmeal of my life.

fancy oatmeal

6 thoughts on “Fancy Oatmeal

  1. I’m LOLing at “eat like the fancy people.” Have you ever tried just soaking oats in nutmilk (or yogurt) overnight and then eating them? Different than cooked oatmeal but still good IMO and good for hot weather days.

  2. Ya know, Mimi, I haven’t done overnight oats at all this summer! I don’t know why! I will have to stick some in the fridge tonight for tomorrow 🙂 Yummy!!

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