Where did summer go?!

Holy cow – has it seriously been 2 months since I posted here? I think about posting all the time! But honestly, since I went back to work in August (I’m a teacher), life has sped up to mach-2 (with my hair on fire – hehe!), and I haven’t done much in the kitchen.

I’m getting back to it, though, with the return of the usual fall and winter suspects. I can’t wait to get back into my butternut squash loving mode! While I’m sad to no longer find yummy blueberries and cherries and other amazing fruits at my local farmers’ markets, I’m equally happy to get back into the winter bounties.

As a sort of pot-luck dinner last week, I pulled together some of my recent Whole Foods organic produce finds – namely, a zucchini, a yellow squash, an orange pepper, and a leek.

I chopped them all up…

Zuc, squash, orange pepper, leek… sauteed them in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, along with some Italian seasonings and a bit of Garlic Gold nuggets, then added a jar of organic marinara and simmered for a bit.

Add that to some whole wheat pasta and, dinner!

Veggie SpaghettiI proceeded to clear out the leftovers, eating this meal every day for most of last week!

It made me wonder: why don’t we always put veggies in our spaghetti? It was delicious, and it definitely bulked up the meal without adding crazy calories (while totally adding a nutritional punch!) I think even non-veggie eaters could enjoy this, because it’s so much like… spaghetti!

And, it was super easy, to boot 🙂

I’m certainly no chef, but I have had a blast so far this year learning how to cook. I would have never tried anything like this before 2010. I think a lot of different veggies could work in this dish – just roast or saute or steam whatever you’ve got on hand, and toss it in with your spaghetti sauce! I’m thinking broccoli would be good… or maybe even a spinach spaghetti sauce. Nom!

Look out, world – I may need to create a category for my spaghetti sauce experiments. I love spaghetti in the winter. It’s such a warm, gooey comfort food. One thing I’d like to try this winter is making “noodles” from squash. I just read a post on one of my fave food blogs – The Front Burner – on just this sort of thing!

So, while summer has made its way out, and old man winter will be creeping in, I plan to enjoy the bounties of winter. How about you?

One thought on “Where did summer go?!

  1. Glad to see you back! Have you tried spaghetti squash? It’s so fun to make. After cooking it shreds into perfect spaghetti noodle pieces. It’s fun and tasty and one of the very few hard squash I care for (and likes me back) I am totally read for winter soups and casseroles and home made bread.

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