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It’s no secret that I’m a little bit obsessive-compulsive. Poor asparagus was the most recent victim of my OC ways. (I ate more asparagus soup in late 2010 than I care to recall. Hopefully I will recover by spring when those gorgeous little stalks poke out from the earth anew). This year, I’m off to a bang of a start, with two new food obsessions: kiwi and crumbled tempeh.

Let’s start with my new friend, the kiwi fruit. I’d never eaten kiwi before because – well, it’s furry. Furry food? Ew. But if I learned anything last year, it’s that you can’t judge a food by its cover. So I consulted the premier source for culinary training (YouTube), and investigated how to peel a kiwi. Enter: Pimp That Food.

Gordon taught me how to peel a perfect kiwi fruit. It’s actually very easy – and so pretty! I’ve had a kiwi a day ever since.

Here’s my new friend kiwi hanging out in a bowl of Fancy Oatmeal.

Fancy Oatmeal with Kiwi

And then, there’s tempeh. I like tempeh. I learned about tempeh when I first started cooking vegetarian and vegan dishes. It’s a soy based food, but a lot different from tofu. It has a substantial texture to it – almost meaty, like a veggie burger. It also has its own flavor, unlike tofu. It tastes a bit nutty. It’s high in protein, iron, and calcium. What I’ve had a shortage of is ideas on what to do with tempeh.

Enter: crispy crumbled tempeh. My new obsession. Suddenly, my salads become dinner salads! My wraps become meals! So simple, and so yummy. Make up a batch of crispy crumbled tempeh and toss it on top of everything!

My latest salad/wrap combo: mixed greens, diced roasted red pepper, julienne-cut sundried tomatoes, pickles, some homemade cucumber dill dressing, and the now-infamous crispy crumbled tempeh. Sometimes, I cannot resist adding a drizzle of ranch; it goes so well with the tempeh!

(Does anybody else put pickles in salad? It’s so freakin’ good! But I feel like a weirdo).

Salad with crispy crumbled tempeh

Don’t forget to have a big bowl of greens every day!

[recipe-show recipe=”crispy-crumbled-tempeh”]

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