Apples and Miso?

Oh, tofu. I have neglected thee. It’s not you, it’s me. You’re flexible and accommodating. You’re always there when I need you – even if you require some thawing first. (Yes, I freeze some of my tofu). Really, it’s not you. You’re everything that is good and true. It’s me. I’ve been too lazy to give you the time and space you need to shine.

I haven’t had tofu in a few months. Why? Who knows. I like tofu. You can turn it into basically any flavor. I’ve just been lazy, I guess – finding it too much of a PITA to bother with the whole tofu pressing process and the marinating. So when I saw this recipe in Isa’s cookbook, I decided to buy some fresh tofu and just go for it.

Appetite for Reduction has a recipe for Apple Miso tofu that sounded like it might go well with some stir fried veggies and basmati rice.

Apples and miso? Really, Isa? Well, OK… if you say so. You’re the chef. I like apples. I like miso. Let’s rock this!

My version turned out more moist than it was supposed to – the tofu never really browned. But that didn’t stop me from loading up my plate.

Apple Miso Tofu Stir Fry

Apple Miso Tofu Stir Fry

The verdict? It was freakin’ delicious – maybe my favorite tofu dish to date.

I sauteed some stir fry veggies in tamari and threw some basmati brown rice in the rice cooker for the occasion.

Apple Miso Close-Up!

Apple Miso Close-Up!

And that’s even with me cheating and not marinating for very long. (Heh – I say “not very long” but that really means, “hardly at all.” I might have marinated the tofu for, oh, 10 minutes? Isa recommended 1-8 hours).

I’m sorry, tofu. I can still be lazy sometimes. Please forgive me!

Maybe “impatient” is a better word.

At any rate, having apples with dinner is pretty darn cool.

2 thoughts on “Apples and Miso?

  1. I have to admit, ever since I bought Isa’s book, Ive been eyeing off this recipe with a mixture of excitement as well as scepticism over how it might taste. After reading your post Ive decided to serve it up tonight for dinner 😀 and like you, I sometimes freeze my tofu too, that way I always have some on hand.

  2. I just finished the last of the leftovers from this recipe that I had in the freezer, too 🙂 Mighty tasty! And I finally bought a tofu press. Will be making this one again, hopefully with properly pressed tofu 🙂

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