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Let’s talk about snacks for the kickoff of the last full week of Vegan MoFo.

I like snacks.

Lots of people have lots of opinions on the process of eating – when to eat, how much to eat, how often to eat. I grew up thinking 3 square meals a day was proper. Then, the diet marketing machine jumped in, and advice ranged from juice fasting to eating 6 times a day. Eat many small meals. Eat fewer large meals. Eat a bigger breakfast. Don’t eat less than 3 hours before bed. Midnight snack? Shame on you!

Well, having run the gamut myself on all extremes of health and fitness, I think I have the solution: there is no solution. Not one that fits all, anyway.

I eat a minimum of 3 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Most days, I also have a snack. Sometimes, that snack comes around 3pm when I know I’m not having dinner for another few hours. Sometimes, that snack comes around 10pm when I ate an early dinner but my stomach is rumbling and I still have 3 hours to go before bed.

The moral of the story: food is not the enemy.

Sometimes, I eat a handful of nuts as a snack. Sometimes, I eat a PB&J. Sometimes, it’s a bowl of cereal. Sometimes, it’s raisins or a banana. (It’s almost never vegetables, shame on me… thus, the juicer!)

This summer, I was all about making my own freezer jam. I also developed an affinity for figs. Unfortunately, by the time I realized I loved figs (and thought it would be a great idea to make fig jam), it was too late to find fresh figs at the market.

I finally broke down and bought a pre-made fig jam.

White Fig Jam

White Fig Jam

If you like Fig Newtons and have not tried fig jam or fig butter (I hear Trader Joe’s has an awesome fig butter, but there are no Trader Joe’s nearby, *sob*), you have got to try it.

Fig jam

Fig jam

It’s ridiculous. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed this sandwich.

Almond Butter and Fig Jam Sandwich

Almond Butter and Fig Jam Sandwich

Snack on, my friends.

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