Sutter Home Sweet Red

Wine: Sutter Home Sweet Red

Continuing the adventure of finding wines that I might like, I took the advice of a grocery store wine savant and tried this Sutter Home Sweet Red.

Sutter Home Sweet Red

Sutter Home Sweet Red

Like my Flip Flop Moscato experience, I probably wouldn’t have tried this wine if not for the advice of the grocery store wine man. In this case, the fact that it’s from a big “brand name” winery would have made me think I wouldn’t like it. (This is, I realize, a bit counter-intuitive. There’s probably some room here to do a study on the wacked-out things that form our first impressions).

The bottle of Sweet Red sat in my little wine rack for a couple weeks before I rolled the dice with it. Why?




I’ve seen all of the horror stories of wine corks flying across rooms and decapitating people. I’m no dummy.

This corkscrew thing looked like a medieval torture device, which would have been fine if I was using it to slay a dragon in Ultima Online, but in my kitchen? I was nervous.

I watched a few videos on YouTube to figure out how to work this thing, and it didn’t look like rocket science. I’m happy to report that it was actually very easy to use, and I removed the cork with great success. No cats were harmed in the uncorking of this wine.

One thing I did learn, though, is that I need to invest in a wine bottle topper? Cap? What are they called? Something to cap the bottle when you don’t want to down the whole thing in one sitting.

I just flipped the cork upside down and used it to cap the bottle. It seemed to work. I had the bottle for a good 2 weeks and managed to finally finish it. I was warned by many that wine doesn’t last more than a couple days once opened. Maybe I’m too much of a wine n00b to know the difference, but it tasted fine to me.

This Sutter Home Sweet Red will definitely be on my list of random chill-out wines. It was easy to drink, though did have a little bit of a pucker-factor to it. I think that’s just par for the course with red wines. They’re definitely pretty to look at!

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