Updating Recipes

My former recipe plug-in has fallen out of development, and I’ve been scrambling (err, well, procrastinating) to find a suitable replacement. I’m no chef, but it sure is nice to have a repository of recipes that I like (if only so that I can go back and find them when I want to make them again!)

ReciPAGE, the creation of one of my favorite food bloggers (Emily at Daily Garnish), is now free, and that’s all the inspiration I needed to work on my recipe section!

I’ve ported over the worthwhile vegan/vegetarian recipes, and hope to get some newer ones added as well (now that I have a functioning recipe system!)

My camera is also full of food pictures from the last few days that need to turn into blog posts. (I just got my first KitchenAid stand mixer! Squeeeee!)

Stay tuned! Yum to come!

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