Iced Chai A-Brewin'

This Is How You Do Iced Chai

Why do most sites make it sound like creating a homemade iced chai latte is such a pain in the arse?

It’s not. Typing out these steps is more of a pita than actually making the tea.

Step 1: Grab a quart sized Ball jar (or a pitcher-type vessel of your choice).

Step 2: Boil 4 cups of water. (I use my beloved electric kettle).

Step 3: Add 2 chai tea bags to your jar or container (3 if you like it really strong – but since this will steep for at least a couple hours, 2 bags is really plenty).

Step 4: Pour hot water into container.

Step 5: Cool on the counter for a while, then stick the container in the fridge until it’s cold. (If you’re brave, I suppose you could stick it straight into the fridge. I should probably consult mythbusters, but I have a fear of making everything else in the fridge warm by putting something hot in there…. but I hear that today’s refrigerators are badass and can handle it, so… deviate from the pre-cooling at your own risk, or go ahead and disregard my paranoia. Up to you!).

Step 6: Pour a cold glass of chai! Leave some room for a splash of your favorite milk/cream product, and sweeten as desired. Add ice if you’re feeling frisky. I drink mine too quickly to bother with ice.

I imagine this would work great with any kind of tea you’d like to serve cold. Sure, you have to think ahead in order to cool it, but the joy is that you don’t have to brew it super-strong to account for immediate ice cooling. You’re not using twice as much tea for one drink. I always keep a couple jars in the fridge.

I’ve also used loose leaf teas with my little hanging tea-ball for this.

So good! Cheers!

Iced Chai A-Brewin'

Iced Chai A-Brewin’

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