Diet To Go Veg Salisbury Steak with Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes

Trying Out Meal Delivery

I have no time to cook. There. I said it. My food blogging patterns prove it. I spend lots of time in the kitchen over summer and winter breaks, and very little any other time of the year. That tends to result in me eating way too much take-out. (As a result, I have a pesky Jimmy John’s addiction).

I’ve considered trying a meal delivery program many times over the years, but they always seemed too expensive. Prices must have come down in the past couple years, and I have finally decided to pull the trigger and try one out.

I went with Diet To Go for a few reasons. First, they have a vegetarian option. Next, they allow meal substitutions. Third, there is no contract, commitment, or cancellation fee. It’s a week-to-week program (charged weekly too, so no big up-front investment). Fourth, they include all sides with their meals (so you don’t have to go spend additional grocery money to buy your produce/etc). Lastly, they have a variety of plans offering different numbers of meals. I just wanted lunch and dinner (because I drink green smoothies every morning for breakfast and have no desire to change that), and I only wanted 5 days per week (not 7). I do still want the option to cook or have a meal out if I want to. They also offer different daily calorie counts, but most of the plans I looked into offer that.

I ordered the vegetarian, 5-day lunch/dinner 1200 calorie plan. (The 1200 includes breakfast, which I’m not getting, so it’s about 800 calories/day of food). It runs about $110/week with shipping. The food is fresh-frozen and shipped once per week in a styrofoam cooler with dry ice. I’m lucky in that the DTG headquarters are only a couple hours north of where I live, so I literally received my order 12 hours after it shipped. Everything arrived frozen in good condition, and all meals were labeled.

Tonight’s meal was a veggie Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. It arrived looking like this:

Diet To Go Veg Salisbury Steak - Frozen

Diet To Go Veg Salisbury Steak – Frozen

The package included microwave and conventional oven instructions. I nuked everything, and ended up with this:

Diet To Go Veg Salisbury Steak with Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes

Diet To Go Veg Salisbury Steak with Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes

I haven’t had Salisbury steak since I was a kid, and it tasted just like I remember. (Good!) The green beans were definitely fresh, and the steak had a great mix of black beans and corn inside (not just some mashup of soy protein). I must say – I was impressed. I don’t want to say I wasn’t expecting much, but – well, it could have just been a glorified TV dinner. I’m happy to report that it was much better than any TV dinner I’ve had.

So far, it’s a thumbs up for Diet To Go. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes! I have until Friday to cancel or substitute things for next week’s menu, for Tuesday arrival. They rotate 5 weeks worth of menus. It will definitely be a luxury not having to think about food for a while.

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