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Hello (again), world!

Pardon the dust… I’ve been rearranging things to resurrect Epic Organic. It started off as a food blog, and quickly turned to a vegetarian/vegan food blog. It chronicled my running here and there, and then fell dormant as I stopped running and stopped cooking.

I’ve embarked on a new journey that has me back in the gym and back in the kitchen, so I thought I’d brush the dust off of this little corner of the web and get back to documenting these things. My new gym is a CrossFit box (Rocktown CrossFit), though I remain a member of my old gym (RMH Wellness Center) and hope to get back to swimming as well. Betcha didn’t know I took up swimming last year… yep, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged here!

I’m completely new to weight lifting and CrossFit, and am not much beyond a novice swimmer, so I hope to share the experiences of learning the ropes of both. I’m starting from a fitness base of – well, just about nothing, unfortunately, so it should be a crazy ride.

It’s been fun so far! We’ll see where it goes….

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