What I Ate Days 4-6: Veg Whole30

I’ve made it through day 6! According to the Whole30 timeline, I should’ve been a murderous sleep zombie these last few days, but… nope. I’ve felt fine. This is also my back-to-work week after the winter break (university schedule), so I did hit some stumbling blocks, but they were logistic and not the result of cravings or lack of energy.

So far, I’m feeling fine and I’m still recording 100% sleep quality every night. My guess is that not having a ton of caffeine in the afternoon is helping; I generally have my tea in the morning, instead of 32oz of diet coke with every meal into the night.

The only negative issue so far has been random muscle cramps the last few days. I’m drinking more water than ever (no less than 64oz a day), but other signs do point to dehydration. I’m surely consuming far less sodium than I would with all of my usual processed food meals, so I’m not sure what’s causing it.

I demonstrated very clearly to myself this week that in order to have a lunch to eat at work, I have to pack it the night before. Even when I got up a few minutes earlier to pack said lunch, every single day this week, something has come up and I’ve run out the door with no lunch. I’ve only got 25 minutes between classes (if I’m lucky; I’ll inevitably be stopped in the hall or visited in my office during that little window of time) so there’s no time to go out in search of food. I have to bring it with me.

One fun discovery this week has been the most awesome scrambled eggs. You’d swear there’s cheese in them, but no. 4 eggs, scrambled with 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream (check the ingredient lists – a lot of whipping creams have carrageenan in them; avoid those!). Salt and pepper to taste. Cook over low-ish heat (my stove has #6 as medium; I use #4), stirring constantly. It’ll take 8-10 minutes for the eggs to set and cook, but it is so worth it. That’s 2 servings for me, and if you have a big enough pan, I’m sure you could double or triple the recipe. They’re freaking amazing and they will be the reason I can stand to eat so many eggs over these 30 days.

Here are my eats for days 4-6:

Day 4:

Whole30 Breakfast

Hello again, paleo cranberry banana muffin, plain greek yogurt, pineapples, and strawberries! I just can’t stomach vegetables in the morning. I am happy to report that these muffins freeze perfectly well. I just pull one from the freezer, nuke it for one minute, and it’s ready to devour.


Whole30 Dinner

I had no lunch on Day 4, so here’s what I had for dinner: a romaine salad with a new Whole30-approved dressing that I found at Walmart of all places (whaaaaaaat???) in the produce refrigerated section. The brand is called Tessemae’s and it’s got the Whole30 logo right on the label. The ingredient list looks clean. It was $5 for the bottle ($6.50 on the manufacturer’s web site), but the expiration date was in 11 days. No worries; I will definitely finish the bottle in time! It’s delicious. I got the zesty ranch dressing, but they have a wide variety of dressings and sauces. I’ll take any time savings I can get!

I also had a slice of leek and sweet potato frittata, a recipe from the Paleo for Vegetarians 28 Day Meal Plan book. Delicious. And some strawberries.

It was a lot prettier before I cut it up:

Sweet potato leek frittata Whole30



Day 5:

Whole30 Breakfast

Breakfast joy! Behold, the magical scrambled eggs! So creamy and good. Plus a paleo muffin and a banana with almond butter. Chai tea on the side.


Whole30 Dinner

Big dinner. I was starving after no lunch. Salad had tempeh cubes and half of an avocado with the Tessemae’s dressing. Sweet potato leek frittata with a dollop of pesto on top, plus a sweet potato (there’s no such thing as too much sweet potato), and strawberries. Water to drink.


Day 6:

Whole30 breakfast

Breakfast: those glorious scrambled eggs (they’re not as pretty when you make them the night before and reheat them, but they were still delicious!), a paleo muffin, and plain greek yogurt with pineapple and raisins (because I was low on pineapple). Black chai tea on the side.


Whole30 Dinner

Missed lunch again, so dinner was a big romaine salad (tempeh and half an avocado, plus Tessemae’s ranch), sweet potato leek frittata with pesto, green beans, and a sweet potato.

That’s where I’m at as I get ready to wrap up week 1! I miss peanut butter.

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