What I Ate Days 10-12: Veg Whole30

We are officially into the double digits, folks!

In an effort to stave off boredom this week, I switched up some things.

First, I pulled out the dehydrator:

Kale chips in the dehydrator

KALE CHIPS!!!!!!! Oh how I’ve missed thee!

Seriously. Why don’t I make these more often? Kale, rubbed with EVOO, sprinkled with salt and nutritional yeast.

Then, I tried out an infamous low carb, paleo, grain free, yada yada yada pizza crust – the Fathead pizza crust recipe. This won’t work for those of you doing a strict Whole30, but as I explain in my modifications post, us vegetarians aren’t “really” doing the Whole30 anyway (according to the authors of the plan), so I chose to include dairy, and Fathead pizza crust it is!

Fathead pizza

This was legitimately one of my favorite recipes of all time. The crust is so delicious and I will continue to make and eat it no matter what diet (or not) I’m on. This is just pesto and caramelized onions on the crust. So good. The onions took 4x as long as the crust to make; that’s how easy it was.

I’ve also got some asparagus with plans to make a paleo asparagus soup with it for lunches, even though I’m in a bad habit of skipping lunches.

In other news, I finally broke my streak of 100% sleep quality. Last night, night #11, I only got 86% sleep quality (which is still better than my 6-month average of 82%). The reason? I rearranged my bedroom. There are certain things I did not anticipate when I rearranged my furniture. There’s always the odd sensation of not knowing where you are when you wake up and see something unfamiliar in front of you. What I didn’t realize is that my new bed position combined with my preferred sleeping position puts me facing a window, and through that window is a traffic signal a few blocks away. Every time that traffic signal turns green, it’s like a tiny alien shining a green flashlight in my eyeballs. It woke me up a few times – when I wasn’t already awake from the cats deciding that because the bed was on the opposite side of the room, they had to fight over their bed territories all over again. There aren’t too many things as disconcerting as waking up to two hissing cat faces poised right above your head, ready to pounce on each other (and your face, in the process). So, yeah. I didn’t sleep very well last night!

At any rate, I’m still feeling fine and…. there’s no point in lying by omission. I stepped on the scale this morning. Weight loss isn’t the top reason I’m doing this, but it’s amongst several benefits. I’m down 8 pounds.

So, let’s get into the eats….

Day 10:


Whole30 breakfast

A familiar looking breakfast by now… but look! The bananas are in the lower lefthand corner this time!


Whole30 lunch

I actually ate lunch! A slice of that blah paleo flatbread (the last of it went in the garbage), pesto, strawberries, and a salad with the amazing Tessamae’s dressing that I am now out of. Oh sad.


Whole30 dinner

Dinner was roasted root veggies, 2 scrambled eggs and pesto, a sweet potato, and plain Greek yogurt with pineapples. While you certainly can roast veggies from frozen, they just don’t taste as good as fresh.


Day 11:

The only way I’m eating veggies with breakfast is if it’s actually lunch time (slept till 11, whoops!) and they’re kale chips! 2 scrambled eggs, kale chips, and a banana with almond butter. Black chai tea down the hatch. Check out my new mug! You can’t really see it, but my favorite people on earth (the outreach team at the Wildlife Center of Virginia) made it for me. It has my favorite WCV education raptors on it. (I volunteer there). <3



Skipped lunch because I ate breakfast so late. Just wasn’t hungry. Dinner, though, renewed my joy in life and all things good and tasty! It’s a slice of that Fathead pizza dough topped with caramelized onions and pesto. Sweet potato, strawberries, and a Romaine salad with half an avocado and Tessamae’s ranch dressing. This was joy on a plate.


Naked juice

I would definitely get lectured by the Whole30 purists for this one, but it fits in with my modifications. I had things to do this morning, so I chose a portable breakfast with zero prep time. Upon inspecting the ingredients, I saw that it has wheatgrass in it – so, a violation of the ban on wheat – but I made the executive decision that I will allow it. It’s so far down the ingredient list that I’m pretty sure I didn’t consume the equivalent of a loaf of bread or anything. I drank half of it, and then forgot it on the counter when I left for work, so it was still a fail, if that makes anyone feel better.

I remembered to bring a lunch to work, but forgot to photograph it before I ate it. It was just a slice of that Fathead pizza and some strawberries, with a delicious mint tea that my colleague brought me from Brazil.


Whole30 dinner

Dinner – Fathead pizza, the rest of the roasted root veggies, 2 scrambled eggs (was craving them), and half a bunch of kale chips.

I did not mean to eat an entire bunch of kale in 24 hours, but…. that happened. I need to get to the store ASAP for more kale and more Tessamae’s dressing!

Does anyone have ideas for no-cheese vegetarian options to top this pizza with? There is cheese in the crust, but I’m trying to keep the dairy to just Greek yogurt and minimal cheese (where it’s useful, like in this crust recipe – not just eating a block of cheese).

I think I can definitely make it through the Whole30 with kale chips, Fathead crust, and Tessamae’s ranch to see me through. They are all things I will continue to eat exactly as they are even when Whole30 ends, which is part of why I really don’t buy into the whole concept of “pancakes are evil! Pizza is evil! All of the things you love are evil!” I just don’t agree with that approach. Bring on the Fathead pizza!

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