What I Ate Days 18-23: Veg Whole30

I can’t lie. This week, I’ve been pretty much over it all. I’m sick of eating eggs. I’m back in the habit of shopping and cooking, which is what I wanted out of this. I’m ready to dive back into the two dozen clean eating vegetarian cookbooks I’ve got and move on from Whole30. I almost ended it today. I didn’t, but the only thing that kept me from throwing in the towel was another Fathead pizza… which I will definitely continue eating after Whole30, so maybe it was just an easing out of sorts.

It’s tough to be a vegetarian on Whole30. My favorite proteins are not allowed, and while I do like tofu and tempeh, I don’t like to get such a high percentage of my protein from soy. They’re like a once-a-week-ish thing for me, not an everyday thing. I’m not opposed to eating eggs, but I’m not convinced that 2-4 eggs per day is healthy, either. Same with turning to Greek yogurt every time I need protein; I do typically eat dairy, but not this much or this often. I realize this is designed as an experiment to see how various things affect my body, but I don’t know that the benefits I’ll gain from learning things about what I eliminated aren’t negated by the downsides of eating so much dairy and so many eggs.

I do sense at this point that I will not see this through the entire 30 days. I’ve got a week left, but I don’t see taking the next step as any sort of failure. If I do end it early, it’s not because I’m quitting and going back to my old ways. It’s because I am ready to move on and get back into my cooking routine.

I would much rather move on a week or so early than get so fed up with eggs that I order Dominos and damn it all to hell.

And with that, here is the next installment of What I Ate!

Day 18:

I made another batch of paleo muffins, this time with blueberries. Plain Greek yogurt with dark cherries and chai green tea rounded out breakfast.



Lunch at work! I actually brought one. Leftover Fathead pizza and kale chips. Note to self (and all of you): don’t use pre-chopped salad kale for kale chips. The pieces are way too small and shrivel to nothing after dehydrating. That’s all they had at Walmart, and I’ll be skipping it from now on. That’s what I get for trying to take the easy way out!



I tried something new for dinner – the noodles are made from edamame and mung beans. They were pretty good, though this pasta sauce didn’t thrill me. It was some organic something-or-other with a clean ingredient list and basically zero flavor. Also, delicious asparagus soup (obsessed again) and crock pot cinnamon applesauce.


Day 19:


Look familiar? Yep.



This day was pretty much a fail. No lunch, and I was so starving by the time I got home that I made 3 eggs as fast as I could and had a double portion of asparagus soup with a Romaine salad (Tessamae’s dressing) on the side. Eggs and asparagus soup. wtf.


Day 20:


It’s deja vu all over again!


Dinner: leftover edamame noodles with pesto, 3 eggs, and a Romaine salad with Tessamae’s.


Sweet Potato Banana Mash Whole30

A couple hours later, I was starving again, so I tried out a new combo from Peanut Butter Runner – a sweet potato breakfast bowl. In this case it was one large sweet potato and one ripe banana mashed together, with cinnamon, raisins, and almond butter. It was tasty and is a good replacement for my usual oatmeal (my former “when-I’m-cooking-regularly” breakfast of choice). I’m pretty sure I will go back to oatmeal, but this is a nice change of pace to swap in every so often.

Day 21:

Sweet potato breakfast bowl

The sweet potato breakfast bowl made a morning return, along with a paleo blueberry muffin and green chai tea.


Dinner: I can’t remember if that was 2 eggs or 3 (I go with however hungry I am… this looks like 3)… plus asparagus soup, a sweet potato, and strawberries.



Day 22:

Not pictured: a Naked juice. Had to be up early and out the door, and in my world, that means I sleep in as late as possible and have breakfast in the car.


Skipped lunch. Dinner was a Romaine salad with Tessamae’s dressing and some of those kale chips that are too small to actually be chips, plus a couple of eggs and strawberries with a caffeine free chai rooibos on the side.

Day 23:


Back to the pineapples with my plain Greek yogurt, and a paleo muffin.


Fathead pizza

I almost threw in the towel today, but made a fathead pizza instead – this time with pesto and onions (like last time) but also tempeh bacon. I had 2 slices and nothing else with it because… I’m just over it. You know? Look at that crust, though. So beautiful.

I might hang in there a few more days, but I’m pretty sure I won’t. Stay tuned to find out!

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