I did the Whole26

So, it ended up being the Whole26 for me. I intentionally ended the first phase of the plan yesterday by eating the most delicious falafel sandwich I’ve had in quite some time. It was a from a new little take-out place in Hburg called Babylon. Their homemade flatbread has 4 ingredients, so wheat is now the first ingredient I’ve re-introduced. (Chickpeas too, yes – but I wasn’t counting chickpeas in my Whole30. While I ended up not eating them, they were on my modified permissions list).

I am happy to report that I’ve noted no effects at all from eating the bread (24 hours later). I still slept at 100% quality and feel the same as I did before.

Yesterday’s breakfast and dinner were on plan, and for the first week or so while re-introducing ingredients, I’ll likely only do so during 1 meal so I can pinpoint causes of irregularity, should any occur.

I’ll be posting a wrap-up soon with my thoughts on the program and what I learned. Stay tuned!

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