Win a Soda Machine!

Win a soda machine over at The Front Burner! Emily’s giving one away – just leave a comment on her post. Me wants!! 😀

Since giving up my beloved caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper, I miss my bubbles!! (I don’t miss the artificial sweeteners or the chemical water, however). Get a soda machine and make your own bubbles!

Oatmeal and a Good Cause

Get some new oatmeal mix-in recipes and help Quaker fight childhood hunger. For every “perfect day” you create on Quaker’s web site and share, Quaker will donate $1 to Share Our Strength, a national organization fighting childhood hunger. Go Create Your Day now!

My perfect day included peanut butter and blackberries in my oatmeal… nom nom nom!

In the News, and a Contest!

Two random tidbits for you today…

In reverse order… A CONTEST! Not my contest, but an awesome contest, and even if you don’t win, go check out the t-shirts because they are hilarious!! It’s a Food Tee Giveaway over at Emily’s The Front Burner. These food t-shirts are cracking me up over at Food Tee.

Next up…. CNN has an article about the Nourished Kitchen Real Food Challenge I just finished – “An Inconvenient Challenge: Eat Real Food for a Month.” There are a handful of morons in the comments, but if you like the sideline drama, there are also some good zinger replies for your amusement.

Have a great day! 😀