Finals Week

Some people think teachers live the easy life – summers off, long holiday breaks, and endless bonbons. I can’t lie – it’s a pretty good gig – but the one aspect of teaching that I have yet to adapt to is the on-again/off-again pace. We go mach-2 with our hair on fire for months on end, then suddenly – nada. Complete inertia. It’s a rather jarring transition – one which I have yet to experience smoothly.

I’m currently in the tail end of a mach-2 phase. We just finished up regular classes. Next week is Finals Week. Besides the glare of the looming freight train of final grading, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Until I reach the end of said tunnel, though, dinners will be quick and easy and likely very repetitive.

Cue: scrambled eggs with Field Roast Apple Sage veggie sausage and feta, with a side of toast and cherry jam.

Dinner, sans glamour.

Dinner, sans glamour.

Here’s to breakfast for dinner!