One Hundred Push-Ups

One hundred pushups, aka, Lost My Mind.

But not really. There’s this program called One Hundred Pushups that, as the name implies, intends to get you from the state of wimpy human to that of uber human that can do 100 pushups – all in a time span of 6 weeks.

While I wouldn’t mind being uber-human, I’m really just looking for a down and dirty, quick upper body strength routine. (Bonus! Pushups are good for the core, too). I’ve always slacked at upper body strength training. I convince myself that running is plenty, while frowning at my wimpy arms.

So, to complement my return to the gym and running/cycling/ellipticalling (?), I’m going to take a stab at the hundred pushups plan.

Initial test: 17 pushups, girl style. (Will go for the whole enchilada if I manage to get to 100 girlie ones!)

Seems like a depressing start, but the site assures me I’m normal. (Most people start out in level 2 [6-14] or level 3 [15-29]).

With that, Week 1 starts tomorrow! Who wants to join me?