Goldfish photo by Benson Kua

Clowns, Competitions, and Cheesecake

Are you afraid of Ronald McDonald? I didn’t think I was, until I encountered this:

Creepy Ronald at Superfit Games 2015

All your gainz are belong to us.

Creepy, right? I know. I shouldn’t have even brought it up. Let’s move on.

This weekend, I took a road trip to Richmond, VA with my friend Sabrena for the SuperFit Games 2015 East Coast Championship.

We rolled up to the most adorable house in Carytown – our home for the weekend. Sabrena secured it via AirBnB and it was as good as we could have imagined, if not better… except for ol’ Ronald McDonald in the kitchen. Did I mention how creepy that painting was? We covered it up immediately (well, after snapping a few pictures to use to terrify friends with).

We weren’t competing in the SuperFit games; we were there to cheer on the nearly FIFTY Rocktown Crossfit athletes that were competing. #likearock It was an awesome spectator experience, and we got to see some of our Crossfit family podium and rock the house.

I had never been to a Crossfit competition, but had watched the Crossfit Games on TV. The SuperFit Games were what I expected: loud, adrenalized, and awe-inspiring, to name a few attributes.What made it different from watching the official games on TV was that a majority of these people were everyday humans that could be working out next to me at the gym on any given day – but still so much more than everyday humans. There’s a certain level of commitment and fortitude required to compete in a series of grueling events like this, and a measure of selflessness, particularly in the team events. It’s impressive to watch, especially in such a large collective. I can appreciate these things watching a dozen fellow Crossfitters at my gym, but to see a convention floor full of like-minded people putting forth their best efforts in the name of functional fitness – it was pretty mind-blowing.

The most popular question posed to me over the weekend was: “Are you going to sign up next year?!”

Goldfish photo by Benson Kua

Gosh. I don’t know! In my dreams, I’m fit enough and strong enough a year from now to compete and see where I stack up against my peers. But I’m so far from that now that I can’t really envision the reality of it. By age, I’d be in the Masters division (40+), but based on this year’s Masters RX workout, I can’t imagine any way that I’d be ready for that in a year. I’d be lucky to meet the qualifications for the scaled workouts, which don’t have a separate Masters option… and even if I can accomplish the minimum scaled requirements, there’s no way I’d compare favorably to all of the 20-somethings and 30-somethings crushing those workouts. So, I don’t really look at competitions as my realistic Crossfit future. I like competing in general, and would love to someday be in a position to be able to compete casually in Crossfit, but it’s not likely anytime soon, and may never happen. And that’s fine with me. It’ll be a bonus, if it ever happens.

We rounded out the weekend by initiating a couple people to Cards Against Humanity while indulging in Oreo cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. One of the many things I appreciate about Rocktown Crossfit is that most members are not 24/7 Paleo tyrants. They can enjoy a slice of cheesecake every now and again.

While you won’t see me on the competition floor anytime soon, you’ll see me back at Rocktown on Tuesday…. gotta work off that cheesecake.


Goldfish photo by Benson Kua.