Real Food Solutions

There are some fairly common approaches to managing minor day-to-day health issues. Muscles ache? Pop an ibuprofen. Feel a cold coming on? Suck on some Cold-Eeez vitamin C drops. One thing I’ve been trying to do for the past year is use real food to solve some of these problems, instead of always reaching for a drug or some processed, factory-created solution.

For example, after a long run or a hard workout, instead of popping ibuprofen, I’ll throw berries into my post-workout smoothie or eat them with lunch. Blackberries and blueberries have great anti-inflammatory agents, as do strawberries. In the summer, I’ll eat tart cherries for the same reason (but they’re in season for such a short time that they’re hard to get year-round).

When I feel a cold coming on, or know I’ll be hanging around some germ-factories (aka kids), I’ll double up on the morning kiwi. One kiwi fruit contains 95% of your daily recommended vitamin C allowance.

Instead of relying on omega supplements (non-veg people usually go for fish oil; I go for flaxseed supplements), I’ve been going to the source – adding a couple tablespoons of fresh ground flaxseed to my oatmeal, and chia seeds to my cereal, smoothies, salads, and wraps.

Just about all of the things that we try to fix with supplements and pills have real-food alternatives that, I would argue, are the most natural way to achieve the desired benefits. Of course, some things require more than a food fix, but in most cases I’m finding better results from real food solutions.

Do you have any real-food solutions to what ails you? 🙂